Ejina Banner is located in the hinterland of the Eurasian continent, its west, south and north sides of the mountains, belonging to the continental desert climate, with dry and drier, sunshine, sandstorm and other characteristics, annual rainfall of 37 mm, and evaporation up to rainfall 100 times, Populus euphratica is the only tree species that can grow here, and it is also an important afforestation tree species in northwest and Inner Mongolia. Its strong cell permeability can effectively reduce the evaporation of water to the sun and concentrate the water in the body Of the branches, the growth of more robust enough to provide the power to attack the sandstorm, Premier Wen Jiabao called it "the symbol of the Chinese people indomitable spirit", known as the "desert hero tree."

Populus that majestic upward momentum, to show you the indomitable spirit, that gods like the form of God, but also make you feel the magnificent nature. For thousands of years, they have resisted the erosion of the desert with tenacious will. It is amazing that these iron skeleton of the trunk, shape mix, and some like Kunpeng wings, and some like the horse hoof, and some, such as slender girl. Is simply a natural art palace. There is a poem wrote: "short as a dragon snake number of deformation, squatting, such as Xionghu Ju Gao Gang. Playing like God fox nine tail, such as the night fork claw Zhang." Populus forest beauty, this poem can be seen.

Populus is the Tertiary remnants of the ancient tree species, is a very tenacious vitality of the original tree species, known as the human resistance to the desert warriors. Populus long growing season, due to the impact of sand and drought, a lot of poplar peculiar shape, strange. Because it has a surprising resistance to drought, the wind and sand, salt and alkali capacity, can be tenacious survival and prosperity in the desert, there are "life and die for a thousand years, dead and not down a thousand years, down and immortal a thousand years "The argument. Famous ritual home Tianshan guest with Fu form, the interpretation of the spirit of Populus!