M door

M door is the iconic building of populus euphratica scenic area, 5.5 meters high, 23 meters wide, composed of steel and marble. Modeling from the scenic area of two populus euphraticas living thousand years watching each other, together constituting the magical posture, it is like Hada in the hands of Torghut girl, welcoming the arrival of tourists around the world, but also like the eagle flying on the sky, guarding this magical populus euphratica forest. More>>

Taolai Woods

Ejina Populus euphratica is one of the three populus euphratica in the world. Ejina Populus euphratica is the earliest protection, the best care, the most plentiful piece of populus euphratica forest so far,. Hu Yang, also known as Hu Tong, Taolai said by Mongolian. Ejina Populus euphratica, has been listed as a national nature reserve, populus euphratica are regarded as living fossil trees, is the national secondary protection plants. In deep autumn season ,going into the depths of populus euphratica, see that is full of gold, extremely magnificent scenery. More>>

Populus euphratica in the desert

Growing in the desert ,Populus euphratica has brought endless vitality and hope for this piece of desert. Walking in the boat in desert sea, like as quiet as the baby in the cradle, autumn wind gently brushes over the face, comfortably and peacefully, where you can temporarily leave the city, into the natural to feel free, feel heartbeat. More>>

Brother tree

The two populus euphraticas are together with the root, together against the countless times baptism of wind and rain, not falling down ,depending on each other for thousands of years, they are the best interpretation of the friendship - dependency! More>>

Paddle Girl

Quiet river slowly flowing, the populus euphraticas at the two sides of shores is like a playful girl sitting on the river to take off the embroidered shoes, rolling up the skirt, revealing slender jade foot gently pulling the river water, feeling the cozy caused by breeze blowing and sun shining the body. More>>

Blessing trees

Fu, Lu, Shou are three gods, slowly evolved from the people's life. Fu embraces the baby, symbolizing blessing coming to your home; Lu symbolizes official promotion , a high official with a high salary; Shou symbolizes longevity . They mean the best three wishes of life, here with your devout heart to write the most sincere prayer, god will hear the hearing to help you reach your wish. More>>

Welcomed Populus euphratica

"Strange populus euphratica stands between sky and earth, reading the vicissitudes of life, causing more fresh. Arms embrace the tourists around the world, inclusive for four seas to live for thousands of years ." Welcomed populus euphratica lives for over four hundred years, is 14 meters high, its trunk stretches out of up to 6-7 Meters of the two side branches toward the front, it has vigorous attitude, its yellow leaves are like as umbrella, it is fortitude upright, well-behaved, extremely cute, like a hospitable Ejina people arms, warmly welcoming guests at home and abroad. More>>

Mid-Lake Island

Mid-Lake Island is an independent island washed away by Heihe River. The Heihe River gushes from the Qilian Mountains, over salina , flowing Gobi, accumulating much water, revealing the desert, moisturing out of the vast expanse of populus euphratica oasis, forming an amazing world populus euphratica landscape that means cycling from year to year, causing the achievements of China's most beautiful autumn color, and this river is also the "mother river"of Ejina, A Dream of Red Mansions mentioned" three thousand weak stream, only take a scoop," weak stream that is the Heihe River. More>>

Birds and Fish

Tagore in the "bird set" once said: "The world's most distant distance is the distance between birds and fish, a soaring sky, a deep submarine." But here the immortal of populus euphratica changes the bird and fish into populus euphraticas, so that they can grow and depend on each other in the same piece of populus euphratica woods. Remember these two snuggle populus euphraticas, like in the most beautiful season More>>

Reflected Woods

Populus euphraticas wait for the sunrise in the dawn of the sun in Reflected Woods, the populus euphraticas at the two sides seem to still sleep, the lake quietly flowing with the Populus euphratica blending, forming China's most beautiful reflection of populus euphratica landscape. More>>

Ovoo of Prince's Mansion

Ovoo (Mongolian), means "stack", with the translation of "brain package", "Ebo", means wood, stone, mound. Ovoo is made of artificial piles of "stone heap", "mound" or "wooden block heap", the ancient people on the grassland with stones piled into the signs of road and realm, and later gradually evolved into the symbol of sacrificing mountain gods, road gods and praying Harvest, family peace and happiness. More>>

Hero Woods

Hero Woods is the most concentrated area of populus euphratica, its trunk is thick, the shape of the gods-made, like countless incarnations of Torghut heroes going east to native, engraving the mankind history of a tragic national migration. Director Zhang Yimou directing "Hero" film shoot here to shoot out the gorgeous, magnificent and exquisite as an impeccable picture-like scene. More>>

Sightseeing Platform of Rose Willow Sea

Rose Willow also is known as mulberry willow, is one of the most common plant in the desert, it does not have strong body, graceful charm and sweet fruit, but with the most persistent foundation, closely dependent on desert. Looking from the high spot, red clouds dances, like brocades, which is magnificent. More>>

Warrior Woods

This piece of trees is like a pioneer of the warriors, for faith not fearing life and death, charging forward, bravely fighting. Posture that facing difficulties bravely is scheduled for thousands of years, after the bloody still stands, developing a righteousness. More>>

Dream of populus euphratica

This populus euphratica is like a fairy half-lying in the forest, breeze blowing off her hair, thin willow touching her waist lightly. Smooth skin in the mottled sun looks more crystal and clear. She listened to the birds slowly into the dream. More>>

Shadow-loving Woods

Travelling in the Shadow-loving Woods is like walking in the painting, far from poetic, near to see the immersive, and each of the populus euphratica is like a woman with the most beautiful face, is unbridled to show the world that her graceful figure , blooming her enchanting, once indulged, you have become a scenery of the painting. More>>

Strange Woods

The dry twigs of Strange Woods twists and twists, struggling, the trunk also cracks out the strange lines, and thirsty posture like the last second before the end of the life is fixed forever. Thick trunk, looks like the invisible force squeezing, until no longer squeezing a little vitality. But it is the dead wood that is filled with life inspiration, like a gathering of very strange woods. All dances, with hundreds of gestures. Here can not find a similar shape of the trees, each with their own unique style tells the eternal life. More>>

Nordin Ovoo

Ovoo is the most solemn and popular ritual activities among Mongolian. When sacrificing ovoo, the herdsmen plugs the branches and hangs the colorful flags, hada on the ovoo. Sprinkle the wine, milk and so on to the ovoo to pray for good weather, peace and happiness. The reason why people are honest, is from their persistent faith and awe of nature. The ovoo which is the parents built for the children, hoping the children grow up healthily, lively and happily. Come on friends, leave a loving wish for your children here. More>>

Dream Woods

Dream Woods is the earliest to turn yellow of populus euphratica leaves, at the beginning of each spring and summer, they first feel the spring, stretch out the green shoots and buds, so here is the beginning of awakening the life of populus euphratica, here also becames the beginning of blooming bright life in golden autumn age. More>>

Sand Sea Kingdom

Badain Jaran Desert located in the north of Alxa Right Banner, Alxa League ,Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, is China's second largest, the world's third largest desert. Sand Sea Kingdom is located in the most northern part of the Badain Jaran Desert. Into the sand sea kingdom, you will enjoy the difference with the populus euphratica, where you can feel unlimited stimulation and passion brought by the vast stretch of sand . More>>

The Hero Going East to Native

The hero going east to native tells the story of a hard-working, brave, glorious history of the nomadic people - Torghut family. Torghut tribe is an ancient Mongolian tribe, three hundred years ago, migrated to the Volga River Basin, in order to return to the motherland's arms, they went through hardships several times, Torghut tribe opened the history of a tragic long-distance population migration prelude, also made the world shocked by the feat about thousands of miles to return. More>>

Flying Apsaras Tree

In ancient times, it had Dunhuang frescoes. Now it has Divine spacecraft. All flyings are carrying the dream of China's five thousand years, and this flying tree, such as populus euphratica elves, practicing thousands of years to fly to be an immortal ,long hair like waterfall, going with the wind, so that people who come here also becomes pure . More>>

Populus euphratica Popular Science path

Come to Ejina, and what you must see is the populus euphratica, and this popular science path loads too many secrets of populus euphratica. Do you want to know the magic of populus euphratica? Then through this path, everything of populus euphratica will show in front of you. More>>

landscape Bridge

Landscape Bridge, also known as Sightseeing Bridge, where you can see two kinds of different graces of populus euphratica:it is like a very cute girl under the sunlight during the daytime, becoming enchanting beauties under the neon lights at night. More>>