Traffic Guide

飞机.jpg   AVIATION

Direct: air only trip to Xi'an --- Ejina Banner (weather reasons aviation instability)

Turnaround: Ejina is close to Jiuquan and Yinchuan (flight stable)

火车.jpg    TRAIN      

Direct train only one trip

Hohhot - Ejina flag train ride K7911 train, a trip every day

公交车.jpg   CAR               

1, Ejina from Wuhai City, 700 km, a direct train Wuhai daily bus,

    Early eight o'clock five o'clock arrival, the fare 130-160 yuan

2, Ejina 400 km away from Jiuquan City, a direct bus from Jiuquan City bus station began

    Hair, three times a day car, time is 5 hours, the fare is 100 yuan

3, Ejina from Yinchuan City, 700 km, there is no direct car, the first left flag and then transfer tothe Ejin,

 Yinchuan to Zuoqi bus, every half an hour trip, the whole 40 minutes, tickets 26 yuan / person;

 Left flag to Ejina train, three times a day, 8:00 am departure, full 9 hours fare 150 yuan, you can chartered to the left flag, about                 200 yuan / vehicle

越野车.jpg  BY CAR           

Beijing high speed G7 through Beijing, Hebei, Shanxi, Inner Mongolia, Gansu, Xinjiang 

5  provinces, the specific reference navigation.

步行.jpg  WALK      

Walk: Hualapu town to Hu Yanglin tourist area about 35 minutes walk.

       As the tourist area is larger, you can take the scenic tour bus, each spot is set.

      Taxi: travel to the Huyanglin tourist area a bridge needs about 10/15 yuan

      Chartered: As a result of the larger tourist area chartered forward.

      To the attractions on the road will go through some gravel sections, so the car models to off-road