Dear Visitors, for your pleasure visit, please read carefully.

1. The operation time of scenic area is on August 26 - October 30. 

2. Civilized behavior promoted : Don’t  spit and litter; prohibit the destruction of property, fights, trouble-making, theft and other criminal acts.

3.Please take good care of your peers, children and pregnant women.

4. During the play, please take care of your own personal valuables, the non-valuables  inconvenient to carry can be deposited to the depository.

5. Please pay attention to safety warning, follow the tour order, don’t climb and climb the security barrier, do not enter the non-open spots to play, do not crowd and quarrel ,watch your step when go up and down stairs.

6.Don’t carry flammable , explosive and other dangerous goods into the scenic area, the area is prohibited from smoking. Barbecuing, burning bonfire, fireworks and other behaviors of using open flames in non-designated areas of the scenic area are prohibited.

7.Please protect scenic area resources: prohibit the destruction of attractions, cultural relics, tour facilities, prohibit pulling down and breaking off the trees, prohibit hurting and capturing wild animals ,and other bad behaviors.

8. The vehicle in the scenic area goes in accordance with the provisions of the route, please consciously obey the scenic parking management regulations and the scenic staff scheduling command.

9.If you have some comments and suggestions for the scenic tourist services , welcome to offer us. Thanks for your cooperation!

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